Lawn Care 

Your lawn should complement your gardens.  My services include treating weeds with corn gluten, a natural pre-emergent weed deterrent in the very early spring and late fall with overseeding in the early fall.  

I recommend aerating your lawn each fall with a core aerator.  This type of aerator removes plugs of compacted soil to let air, water and nutrients into the roots of your lawn.  The step on type of aerators simply push the soil down in spots, compacting the soil even more; avoid these type of aerators.

I also encourage the use of mycorrhizae products before seeding, laying new sod or as a step in your lawn maintenance.  These products increase phosphorus absorption, improve soil structure, prevent erosion, reduce watering needs and ensure faster establishment which will result in more resistance to stress.  The products can be used on lawns, trees and shrubs, and gardens.

Costs for these treatments will depend on the size of your lawn to be treated.  Unfortunately I am only equipped to treat small sized lawns.  Although I do not provide aerating services, I can overseed, and treat with corn gluten or mycorrhizae products.  I would be happy to discuss any of these treatments with you.